About Us


Bring it Up ! Turn It On ! Aren’t these familiar phrases heard when there is something interesting, intriguing and catches the attention of the recipient or the viewer. Doesn’t it hold the promise of interesting times to come and something to look forward to! And we are here to do exactly that so read on !


Painting the canvas

We are a connect for your passion, your interest and your affiliation for music and dance. Be it "music to your ears" or "you beating to a rhythm" or literally "painting your dreams" we will ensure that it gets you into your groove! A connect that helps you indulge in your favorite pastime.

We bring the two sides viz. the seeker and the other the provider together through a digital platform that is local, relevant and suited to your interests. It not only aims to provide the listing of your sources of turn-ons but also aims to connect you with the happenings, doused with emerging trends, tips and advice, with everything you may want to know about where to go, how to start, whom to reach out to. After all its all about living out your passion.

For the service and knowledge providers we offer a platform to help them reach out to folks who are passionate and searching for the right directions. Its about helping folks turn on their thirst for knowledge and bring out the talent in them.


We would love to but we don’t (At least not as of now! )

We don’t own outlets and neither do we manufacture equipment or related products. We are also not hosting any events or sponsoring contests.


From the horses own mouth!

  Anyone can take up a pen and start doodling, break into that impromptu gun-gunana or shake a leg at that informal get together. Don’t we all clap, smile, encourage that cute kid who does his gig at all the annual fests or the family get-togethers and always ask for an encore. Aren’t we often left with the thought … does he really have a talent, can it be something here. The larger question therefore is- does this aptitude actually need any nurturing. If its all about talent & attitude then will channelizing it the right way bring out the best in each one of us. We truly believe that the possibilities are endless and this is just a small step from our side to open-up those channels and provide a platform. Its now upto you to see what is your calling.  


Direction & Production

Tajinder a.k.a Teji as he is popularly known amongst peers and friends has over 15 years of Industry and Consulting Experience. He has handled Business Strategy and Operations during his stints at Airtel, Future Group (earlier Pantaloon Retail), Bata, Videocon and IBM.

He is recognized as a SME in areas of Digital, Social and Mobile. Familiar with Design Thinking Methodology, he understands the Customer - Partner - Channel - Analytics ecosystem and has applied this to Cross-Industry engagements across ASEAN, ISA, MEA and Europe.

He is passionate about travel, remains an avid reader and enjoys company of friends.



Our Bearings & Attitude

We can be reached at customercare@localturnon.com and we do respond very quickly and to the point. If required leave us your details and we will connect immediately.

We share your passion about music and dance and we do shake a leg more than once in a while and croon away when the mood strikes us. We do not harbor any superstitions or have any lucky colour or number in mind but generally believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting down to the business of things.

Yes, we have the same smiles on our face when things work out well (tak..dhina..dhin) and not so well (Oo..la..la) !


In the News

We are confident that your love and patronage will make us popular and we will be in the news for the right reasons. Hope to have many memorable stories posted here.